On Distant, Distant Days

Well, distant, distant days may stretch into the past, and they also may slowly pace into the future. Reading this, you will find that these written words are looking well into the future, but in order to do so, they take a long look into the past. Predictably, I will start at the beginning.

In the beginning there wasn’t a Word, and the non-word was not with god, and god wasn’t the non-word. Fanatical Christian groups are setting their minds and are organizing to hunt me, but I am already long gone, so there isn’t anyone to hunt, meaning that I am the non-word, but I was not in the beginning.

But in a sense, I was present in the beginning, together with you, the reader, and alongside the entirety of all things. Infinitely condensed we were, in some kind of an unknown, until that unique moment it had become known, and that moment gave birth to one, and one gave birth to two, and two to three, and three gave birth to ten thousand beings. Fanatical Taoist groups are assembling now to hunt me, but they are too late, fore Christian groups are already out there, and the gap is too wide to overcome.

Now, that I am under pursuit of extremely fanatical zealots, I can calmly overview the chain of events, as they happened from the beginning and up until now:

1) There was nothing.

2) There was something.

3) The event that took place between those two is called The Big-Bang by scientists, and the religious call it Creation. The former claim that it just happened, sprung out of nothing, and there is no good explanation for it. The latter say that a creation requires a creator, so they believe that the Creator had created the Creation.

4) Either or, what had been formed at the inception of our known universe is this: space, time, matter. In our pre-big-banged creation there was no this, neither that, nor the other one, the order does not matter. Alongside those three, appeared as from nothing, the laws of nature (which are sort of the behavior of the triplets), and also some minor qualities such as mass, distance, charge, temperature etc. For now, we’ll have a look at the first three primes.

5) Let us search for a common denominator, or factor, for those three prime qualities.

6) We have found one. This factor is motion. Time is always in motion*. Matter is always in motion. It either orbits something, or moves in straight lines, or rotates, or vibrates. It moves. And space is the natural surroundings, the expense, in which all motions take place. With time and technology, we came to learn that space itself is in movement, expanding ever so fast, and this phenomenon we have named “the expanding universe”.

– If motion is the common factor for the three prime qualities, it is possible – only possible – to think that motion has preceded them, and that in a way motion is the mother quality. But it is not a motion in the sense of moving from one place to another, but in the sense of change (see articles 1, 2).

* About the constant motion of time: you can say that at the speed of light time halts, becoming irrelevant. It’s true, and also very interesting. It requires additional thinking. I state this in order to clarify that I don’t ignore it. I may comment about it later. I may not. We’ll see.

7) Therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. For the quality of the Sabbath is rest, as in stillness or motionlessness, i.e. the Sabbath differs from nature, opposes it, as nature moves, and the Sabbath stands still. When a woman keeps the Sabbath, she contradicts nature, leaves the realm of the physical, and then – as she is unified with the Eternal, she transcends space, time, matter. This is the evasive quality of mankind: from within nature – we transcend the natural.

Exactly so.

8) Wisdoms of the east, as they practice meditation, also hallow the quality of rest. Their goal is to get rid of the mind, end the constant stream of thoughts, which is actually motion, and as the stream comes to a halt, the person who meditates is filled with the One true event, which is consciousness.

But we get ahead of ourselves.

9) Before consciousness had sprung into being, life has evolved on earth.

10) As far as we know, life was created, generated, started, exploded, burst, came into being, call it what you may, only here, on earth. We may assume, suppose, guess, surmise, believe, hope, assess, claim that the universe is filled with other forms of life, but as far as we know – life has sprung only here, on our magnificent, beautiful planet.

11) As far as we know, life comes only from animate matter, and not from inanimate matter.

12) Therefore, we conclude that the universe is alive. Life is a testimony for a force capable of creating life, that exists within the universe. We call it, of course, the force of life, and we understand it as a prime force. Adding it to the three primes, we get space, time, matter, force of life. We recall that motion also implies of change, and we discern that the quality of perpetual motion can be also applied to the force of life.

13) Religious people name the force of life. They call it God. Scientists do not name that force, and they exclude it from their equations. They measure the qualities of space, time and matter, and also the relationships between those three. But they do not measure life.

14) After the eruption of Life, which we will refer to as the second-big-bang, yet another unexpected event has befallen, and we shall call it the third-big-bang.

15) Obviously, we imply to the emergence of Consciousness, and we are not ahead of ourselves any longer.

16) As far as we know, conscious life rises only from conscious life. Therefore, we conclude that the universe is both conscious and alive. It may also be the one entity that directs all actions.

17) Religious people name the sentient living universe. They call it The Living God. Scientists do not care for that. Life and Consciousness have no business in their equations, for the time being (punintended).

18) At this point, as we have time, space, matter, life, consciousness, we need (I need, to be honest) to address the concept of numbers. It is an amazing idea, so sublime and so hard to understand, that there is no easy way to place it amongst the five primes. All I can write is that it’s deeply intertwined with the others, and that they all set together the fabric of the universe. There is an immediate, unmediated connection between the number and the universe as it is.

19) So we can say that according to this essay, there exists a very tight connection between the consciousness and mathematics, and they reflect one another as the two shining speculums, that reside at the entrance of the Tent of Time (and Space and Matter and Life).

As they keep on reading, the readers will surely find out how important are numbers to this list of ideas.

20) Note: It seems that the scientists and the religious mingle in some kind of constant conflict, but it is quite unnecessary. There are those who are capable of holding both systems, and they settle the discrepancies within themselves. They may find it very hard to explain their position, but it is very easy to just live it. We will name the qualities that hold this trait (hard to explain, easy to do) “the knowns”. Other knowns are, for example, beauty, excellence, good, love.

On the other side, there are those who are stupid fans of one idea, either this or that, and they’re the ones who relentlessly conjugate in idiotic debates.

21) Indeed, both sides are silly and foolish, but we have to admit that the religious side tend to lean into a more refined foolishness.

End note.

22) Although we have included consciousness with the other primes, we now are removing it from the list, for it hold a strange and unique position. We don’t exactly know what it is, but we understand it very well. So we can say that consciousness may possibly be one of the “knowns”. Why may possibly be? Because it is also very different. Consciousness in itself is both the factor that goes through the experiences of life, and at the same time it is the factor that interprets the experiences and knows them. It is the sole quality that experiences knowing, and knows it. Consciousness observes beauty, excellence, love, while simultaneously experiences them, but those traits, important as they are, do not observe and do not experience.

We will also point out that consciousness does not have to be in motion, as the other primes. We already have mentioned that in a few words, and we must think about it, for these lines of thought tend to get very strange indeed. Note that we have discovered an interesting connection between motion and consciousness.

So we have seen the difference between consciousness and the primes and also between consciousness and the knowns. We did that in order to explain why we think that consciousness stands in a position of its own.

23) We do not know whether it is consciousness that has generated all that we have reviewed so far, or whether it has sprung out of nothingness, some very long time after the beginning of the universe. In ourselves we believe that it is the first cause, and we love to call it God, the living god, the king of all worlds, wisdom, intelligence and knowledge.

Note: We also wish to stress, without any reservations at all, that the force of life is a prime, a feature of the universe, and therefore we should not be concerned for life at all. Life brilliantly takes care of itself, and it improves itself with time, space, matter, motion. It doesn’t mean that we are not obligated to care for our lives, or the lives of our loved ones – of course we are – but Life – it doesn’t need our protection, as much as the sculptor has no need for the rock to protect him, and the painter does not need to be protected by her colors and canvas.

We feel that this note may be misunderstood by some, but we have a very good reason to have written it right here, in this specific paragraph.

24) As we approach to inspect the chain of events from the beginning up until now, we rest upon an ancient wisdom, that far precedes our own, if we have any at all. This statement is required for our future investigation.

25) And so, consciousness has sprung in the creature known as man.

26) The fundamental pillar which upon mankind stands is contradiction. Man is a contradicting being, and this is the trait that signifies him or her: they can contain contradiction. Not only that they can, they do contain contradiction.

Here’s the way to know if a woman stands in front of you: if you find contradictions within her – she’s a woman alright. If you can’t find – than she’s not.

Here’s a way to know if a man stands in front of you: if you find contradictions within him – he’s a man alright. If you can’t find – than he’s not.

Contradiction, shelter, hidden (or concealed), mystery, all share the same root in Hebrew (s.t.r), meaning they all contain the letters that are compatible with the English equivalent of s and t and r.

We can see that “mystery” lines with Hebrew on that. The root originates in ancient Semitic languages, as well as in Greek, so we can assume that it is engrained in an extremely ancient source, maybe even our common proto-language. [I wonder to myself if this is why we called them “stars”, those shiny dots of light in our skies.] This is important, because it demonstrates beautifully the deep relationship between mankind and its secrets, the need of an individual for privacy. When you come to think about it, the words “secret” and “sacred” are so close to each other both in the way they sound, as well as their meaning, because, well, this is so self-explanatory, that I find no need to add anything.

[As I write these thoughts down, I come to the understanding that it may be that the porn industry acts as an agent that wishes to expose all secrets, slaughter everything sacred, break our inner boundaries and reservations, reveal all to all. As such, it takes the opposing side of the need for secrecy, and thus completes the circle of contradiction, knows as Yin Yang. This is why, even though I think it is evil, I can find the philosophical justification needed to accept pornography as an important part of society. I look at this word, “evil”, I play with it and read it backwards. Live. I understand it as a clue that reveals to us all this simple truth: if you’re in the living business, you must encounter evil. Fear not, be prepared, but know that evil will come to you. Sometimes you will be the evil doer, in other times evil will happen to you. I never know which to prefer. This is the system, my dear reader, and you must accept it. Anyway, pornography challenges the immense need that people have for privacy and secrecy, to keep the gift of sex in hiding, so that it remains mysterious. But somehow it fails. The secret remains. The more graphic it gets, the more explicit it gets, more and more people are withdrawn from sex, either to abstinence or loneliness, and also to impotence and a-sexuality. These four consequences are often intertwined. What I’m saying, in this context, is that some souls pay the price of the behavior of others, in order to maintain the balance between light and dark. I’m so sorry to have participated in an industry that drives healthy young men and women into solitude. So sorry I am, that it might be the force that pushed me into writing this book.

The pontiffs of pornography may suggest that all it is saying is something like “sex is not a bad thing”, which is true. Sex is not a bad thing. But injecting explicit sex 24/7 through the veins of the internet into the minds of millions, replicating the same scenes with different bodies, is way beyond only saying something. It is no coincidence that I have come up with the analogy of drug abuse. When you think about it, there is something peculiar about prohibiting drugs. why would anyone care that a person, after a hard week of work, sits alone, or with some friends, in his or her place, drinking a cup of coffee, smoking a joint, laughing and/or philosophizing together. Why is this scene of relaxation and benign socialization threats an entire society, that it decides to completely forbid it? Of course, there’s the conventional answer for that, but my question seeks the deeper level. What is the threat? In a way, and in the context of this line of thought, society excludes drug use because it is an activity that uncovers some hidden truths. It breaks our inner boundaries, it changes the every-day perception, the one we use for problem-solving, working, driving, building. This perception is extremely important for our growth and development, but when we block ourselves – as a whole – from taking a leave from time to time, we end up damaging both the normal perception (yes, it is normal) and also the sacred one. I agree that mass use of drugs is bad for an individual, as well as for society. It’s a no brainer. Any mass use of something, be it sugar, coffee or water, may kill you. But there are other ways. It can be a joint, very innocent, with some friends, just relaxing, unwinding, like nice, casual sex. It can be DMT which is extremely powerful but short-termed, like hunger-sex, when you’re exploding with lust. And it can be abysmal, ocean-deep like psilocybin or ayahuasca, which – in our current line of thought – are the equivalents of a profound, very slow, completely satisfying, love making (once you overcome the inevitable hassle, of course). And then it can be deceitful and malicious as heroin, that erases your soul, and may very well kill you. This is porn.

Let me end this reflection with one final thought: I got to this point by talking about contradiction, which lead to the need for privacy and secrecy. So my question here is why there’s a need for privacy? Why does it exist, what does it represent? I don’t have an answer, but I do have an idea, an observation. The story of the Garden of Eden tells us, that right after Adam and Eve have eaten the forbidden fruit, the fruit-of-knowledge-good-and-evil, they were ashamed. Shame is the first feeling that the Bible mentions. Not love, not fear (which is very primordial), but shame. I want to suggest that what the Bible hints here, is that shame is so very important, because it is the quality that separates humans from non-humans. We need a space of our own to sleep, eat, clean ourselves, consummate. This is a prime characterization of humanity, and therefore it is sacred, unique. It is also very delicate. Porn breaks it. Porn suggest that humanity is nothing more than flesh and secretions (look at that word, secret-ion, I didn’t even think about it), and in this sense, porn threatens the humanness of the human, the humanity of what is humane.]

27) Here are some of the fundamental contradictions that boil inside the living human: existence vs. non- existence; life vs. death; good vs. evil; right vs. left; individual vs. general; war vs. peace. For example, an individual can honestly wish to maintain her health, while harming it at that same time: she may excessively smoke, drink or eat. One can aspire to be righteous and kind, and perceive himself as good, but he may essentially be a very bad person. You may wish you were dead, and stick to life with all your guts. This one is quite common. These behaviors, though very familiar, are also strange, weird, bizarre. Maybe now, right now, as we are pondering the quality of contradiction as a prime trait, the pillar of humanity as we’ve just put it, it is not that strange anymore.

28) Procreation is the secret that brings us people to unimaginable achievements. This understanding arises from His first words to the first ones: “Be fruitful and multiply. fill the earth and subdue it.” For procreation is the source of immeasurable virtue, as well as immeasurable evil, as contradiction is the basis which upon humanity thrives.

29) Until the first billion (circa 1800 AD) men and women have laid the infrastructure for society, spoken language, written language, farming, law, religion, art, math, sciences and engineering (buildings, ships, carriages, telescopes), philosophy, war, chess. Alongside those came borders, taxation, kingdoms, social structures, collective identities, personal identities, occupations, education, murder, lust, covet, tears and laughter and more and more and more, matters to the hundreds and the thousands etc. People have already discovered the new world, as well as Australia and New Zealand, and routes of commerce between the east and the west have been established. In France, a mathematician named Pierre de Fermat writes his last theorem in the margins of a book, without adding a proof.

30) Since the emergence of consciousness in the human being, about two hundred thousand years were needed, for the world population to have reached one billion people.

31) The second billion required only about 130 years, according to our best estimates. It had brought with it, in random order, these incredible events and achievements: the electricity, the industrial revolution, penicillin, radioactivity, the theory of relativity – both special and general, aviation, the car, cinema, the immediate communicating systems (telegraph, radio), the American civil war, secularism, communism, world war I, weapons of mass destruction, and the Good Soldier Schweik/Svejk/ pick your favorite spelling. It had also brought the beginning of modern democracy, feminism and women’s rights. After millennia of repression, women freed themselves from the shackles of tradition, and gained basic human rights. Finally, they could work, vote, and get elected. (Thank you, billion II).

In 1865 Gregor Mendel lays the foundations for science of genetics, as he formulates the principles of heredity. This science will greatly evolve with future billions, so as with time. In this era we see the first vaccines, and the science of medicine preforms impressive leaps forward.

32) The world population hits three billion within 30 years (~1960). The added billion had brought with it the following amazements: nuclear fission, the beginning of quantum mechanics, WWII, the collapse of the British empire, the formation of the Jewish state, Mohandas Gandhi and independence for India, the iron curtain, the TV screen, the pill, the beat generation.

33) On top of all, billion III introduces the first computing machine, the transistor, the chip, Cobol, Fortran. Aldus Huxley presents his Brave New World, Orwell writes 1984, Wells’ Citizen Cane is produced.

34) 14 more years gave rise to billion IV.

35) What took humanity 200,000 years to achieve for the first time, has now required only 14 years. Less than one percent of one percent.

36) Billion IV has brought along the space age. In 1961 the Russians launch the first man into orbit. A mere fifty years, and about 1.3 billion people after two brothers have flown their flying machine for120 feet, humanity has sent its first member into space. The dream of flight, that had captured humanity’s imagination since its inception, has been realized decades ago, but now it had shuttered all expectations. We stepped outside, expanding our consciousness, as well as our universe.

8 years later they put a man on the moon. And another. “One small step for man”, he said, and millions of viewers on live TV could not believe their own eyes. The hunter gatherer, the cave-man, has incredibly evolved, transformed, and now he gets to walk upon the surface of the moon, 250,000 miles away.

this billion has produced a lot and a lot and a lot more of course, but we chose to mention the space related affairs in a separate article, for it is so unique, so marvelous, so unprecedented, it eclipses every other event under the sun.

37) Other notables of billion 4: The Kennedy assassination, the first heart transplant, 100 Years of Solitude, Catch-22, Elvis, Dylan, the Beatles, the Stones, and finally, the first internet connection (1969).

38) Another 13 years go by, and by the year 1987 the planet is filled with five billion men, women, children. The cellphone is born, and is used only by the rich. The internet is still in its infancy. in 1985, the first internet domain is registered. Symbolically or not, it is named symbolycs.com.

In 1977 the Voyagers are launched into space. Surprisingly, Voyager-2 is the one who goes first. Each ship carries a golden disc, that contain voices and visuals from earth. Blind Willie Johnsons’ tune of loneliness is also included in those sounds, which is a remarkable, longsighted decision. They have also encoded to the discs some scientific information, which is the wisdom of the universe, as stored and interpreted by a very limited creature, who is all at once deformed and corrupt, charming and magnificent.

Billion V has also brought the first in-vitro/test-tube baby, Apple, Microsoft, the first P.C, and the fabulous John Erving’s The World According to Garp.

39) It took only 12 years to manufacture next billion, and by 1999, the sixth billionth member of mankind had appeared on earth, probably in China or in India. As its predecessors, it has brought its own gifts and surprises. One day in 1989, early into this billion, the iron curtain collapses, just like that. By the end of it, the internet is not a toddler anymore, and it spreads like fire. Humanity uploads all its interests, vice and virtue, into the web, net, whatever you may call it. We expose our entire psyche to the net: our wishes, our dreams, our fears, may be them private, social, economic, sexual, medical, or just plain, neutral matters.

We became smart enough to upload a model of a sub-consciousness, which will later be known as the dark web.

In 1990 Hubble Space Telescope is launched into orbit. It will expand our knowledge exponentially, adding information that up until then was unknown, unthinkable, unreachable.

In 1995 Andrew Wales proves Fermat’s last theorem, the pre-billion, ancient hypothesis, that was written 300 years earlier as a side note, in the narrow margins of a book.

In 1996 scientist clone Dolly the sheep. She lives until 2003. By then, into the new millennium, the scientist will decipher 99% of the human genome. Soon after, they finish it all.

We reach the 7 billion mark by the year 2011. At the dawn of this event The European union is formed, and the Euro becomes the legal tender in most union states. In the United States of America, the world trade center is hit by two planes. 2987 people die in the attack. 19 suicide-terrorists flew the planes into the buildings, in order to murder as many men and women as they could. It’s wartime.

40) Google, social networks, smartphones, biotechnology, an Arab spring that turns into a long, cold winter, a migration period, Russia seems strong again, Trump replaces Obama, Britain votes to leave the EU, China and India rise in the east, North Korea goes nuclear, and there’s an electrifying sentiment of a global catastrophe. Power seeks redistribution. Democracy, as we have gotten used to know it during the 20th century, and that functioned quite well in a world of 2 to 7 billion, utterly changes it face. Those who carry the democratic flag have grown overly anxious, and suddenly appear as non-democratic at all. In certain places governments wish to prohibit the use of certain words, replacing them with others. Newspeak indeed, but this time it is not within a dystopian novel, but in real life. The once inconceivable thought of a non-democratic era in the west, gradually becomes plausible. It may very well be that western way of life, as we have all grown to cherish and respect, has come to an end. I hope not. Billions will tell. Time will tell.

– In 2010 a group of scientists manages to create an artificial DNA, and inject it into a living cell, that was freed from its original DNA. The cell keeps on living with its new, man-made code.

– In 2012 Voyager-1 leaves the solar system, and becomes the first – and only – object to have done so. It took 40 years of flight in unbelievable speed to leave home base, and slowly but surely, the radius of human consciousness grows even more.

– In 2017 another group of scientists from California engineers a new DNA to an e. coli. So far, in all life we have inspected, we found the same four bases, A, T, C and G. As of this year, there is a new creature on the planet, that has 2 more bases, X and Y in its DNA, a totality of 6. This is as close as we have ever gotten to alien life. Again, man-made alien life.

41) Here we are. Question: why have we surveyed history the way we have, and why have we followed the billions trail quite carefully?

42) Answer: 42.

43) Another answer: we tried to follow, only in an outline, while ignoring an unaccountable amount of extremely important affairs, some of the achievements that each billion had brought with it. Why did we do that? Because we view the multiplication process of humanity as a key factor in the evolution of the human race. This mass of people is not some sort of an incidental collection of man and women who live side by side under one sky, occupying themselves in some futile travails in order to spend their time. The massive accumulation of living humans, is in itself a unique quality that affects our consciousness, our way of life, and its occurrences.

We can describe the evolution of life in general, and of humanity in particular, through the prism of time. It is the most common way to do it, and it very well should be, for it is highly reasonable. Here, in this article, we used another prism, that of multiplication (which in itself may be a function of time, but it is not always the case. Think about extinctions, for example, and it’ll become clear), and to study, research, inspect, the relationship between humanity and itself as well as the surrounding world, as a function of quantity.

44) Clearly, a mass of people comes with a mass of brains. One man – one brain. A billion people – a billion brains. For our purposes, we will call the appearance of each brain, an event.

45) We’ll take notice that the number of years, that were required to generate one billion events, had plummeted unprecedentedly from two-hundred thousand, to twelve years only.

46) To this condensation of events we call the contraction of time.

47) It is very real, this phenomenon of contraction, and to many of us it is quite tangible. Time flies, we say, it passes so fast, it slips away, January just started, I have just finished college, I’m already fifty, where have all the flowers gone?

48) As we have come to see it, after many years of observation, the massive number of events, taking-place simultaneously, forms one huge neural network all over the planet. This network reflects in so many ways, the multifarious ideas that rise from the one universal consciousness. E Pluribus Unum in reverse maybe, or rather in a process in which the One diverges into many, and then the many converge back to become One. We believe, and our vision rises here by itself, that the multitude of events is in itself a platform upon which brains will start to accelerate the connectivity between themselves, up to a point in which it is immediate and direct. Why? Because it is useful, because it is beneficiary, and because it may suggest a better chance of survival for mankind. And because no one asks us. Remember that at a certain point, without asking for permission, consciousness had sprung into being. There was no conference, no debate, no resolution. It just happened. For us, to think that the process of evolution has ended at that point, is not only foolish and lame, but also highly disrespectful to Life, who you probably refer to as God.

As far as we can see, the best testimony for this process of unification is the internet. The incoming war is another. World war III is on its way. It will happen, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. Nor should we. It will be a mere manifestation of the global war, that is already taking place in the world wide web.

49) Although we’ve grown terribly intelligent, we still need war, as it is a primary trait within us. We need it not only to compete with each other, but also to complete each other. In Hebrew, there is a single three-letter root (l’kh’m) for war, fighting, welding. [It also means “bread”. In Arabic the same root means “meat”. As I see it, Jesus welds the two in the Eucharist.] The same three letters, in different order, form the root (kh’l’m) which means “to heal”. In English, we can see the similarity between “soldier” and “solder”, that share the ancient root “sol”. The soldiers, in the heat of battle, solder themselves to one another, and by doing so, connecting their nations. Look at the friendship between the U.S and Japan; between Israel and Germany. So strong was the war, so immense was the heat, that the only result possible was friendship.

As you fight, you attach yourself to your enemy, becoming one with him. War is a means of communication. It is not the best, it is not recommended, but sometimes it is just the only way.

[I accept war, as it is an intrinsic feature to the human-kind. I see war as a necessary evil, that needs, like all our inner-qualities, to self-express every once in a while.

To me, accepting war as an important part in the human evolution, is an expression of my love for humanity, for I love it as it is, without the need to change it, fix it, mend it. it is quite clear that I am talking about myself now. I had to find the way for self-acceptance, I had to put my past to rest. In my case, it was easier to look at the world as a whole, see its imperfections, meditate on them. You run it in your head, as a picture, as something that happened, happens, will happen. You see a soldier kills a baby, you see another saves one. You see humanity in its worst, in its best, you see casualties and consequences, and you just come to terms with all of it. never dwell on the bad, never deny it. The same goes for the good, though no one I have ever known – ever – has dwelt on the good. But people do tend to deny it.

And then I replaced war with porn. This is how I start my daily meditation, as you already know. I see it. I see it happens, I know it out there, expressing itself through some young, beautiful, damaged girl, And I had to accept it. The myth of the whore, of penetration, of submission, is manifested in that young woman. It used to be me, now it’s someone else, and there is nothing you can do about it. At kingdom come, it’ll fade away, and actually this is the subject of this article: my vision of kingdom come. So why won’t we go back to it.]

50) Although the word peace is frequently used, almost to the point where it has lost meaning, real peace is never achieved. Wars are currently taking place, taking lives, as they had always done. It is the contradiction that beats within us, forbids us to degenerate in a state of eternal peace, or to decay in a state of eternal war. We need both.

51) All right then, the vision.

52) My vision telescopes into the far, far future. Any-thing, any detail, that is not included in the category of extreme distance, is none of my concern, and I do not deal with it in this vision, which makes a lot of sense. However, I do cherish the minutiae, for it is the body of the human consciousness, it is the foundation of days to come: if the cost of space research, bio-tech, A.I, quantum computing, new mathematical ideas, and billions upon billions of people that lay the foundation for the next evolutionary phase – if the cost for all that are ever-growing doses of consumption, obesity, sugar, coffee, porn, celebrity-culture, fast-food, pain-killers, and so on and so forth things upon things that dumb us down, then I will gladly pay it, as these are the necessities, the bodily mass that supplies the brain above it with all the energy it needs, in order to evolve towards perfection (or is it the other way around: perfect itself through evolvement). Maybe I should write: in order to become. And yes, I included porn in there. I am willing to pay this price, because all of the above are parts of the human activity, and they align with the existential contradiction. They represent needs that cannot be met, bitterness that can’t be sweetened, emptiness that is never filled, hate that dresses up as love. Each and every one of these is painful. Throw them all at any society, and you are bound to find there opioids of some sort, analgesics, if you will (I’m smiling to myself). Moreover, it is a much wiser to accept humanity for what it is, rather than scorn it or criticize it, because humanity is much much smarter than any one man or woman can ever be, and if you dare to look at it for a long-enough time, without hate in your heart, then it becomes the greatest teacher of all. [Wiser I say, for I avoid the trap of bitter and gloom and dark representation of our little lives, and rather I look at them in a softer light, so that the shadow they cast is pale and unthreatening, and it allows them to appear closer to the way they really are, in spite containing some malignant features.]

53) So, where do I find my interests? I aim my telescope towards the holy scriptures of all religions, as they are very deep, consciousness, math, astronomy, technology, singularity, god, space, time, matter and life.

54) Sometime into the future, so goes my vision, as the number of events surpasses a critical mass, humanity will cross a certain threshold, and will forever change, in a unique, meaningful way.

Two people or more, call them Adam and Eve (even if there are more than two), will somehow find a way, be it technological or natural, to combine their separate minds into a one, unite, single mind. This miracle, an occurrence that simultaneously decreases the number of events (slightly), and increases them by a whole lot, will allow its participants to experience the world through each other sensory system. Colors, tastes, sounds, for example, that will be experienced in one body, will be perceived in the other body as well. So one, without absolute hearing, may learn to listen again to the sounds of the world, to music, and another, with superb sense of taste will bite an apple, and her adjacent body might start to cry. I had no idea, he’ll say, that an apple can be so tasty, I’ve been missing so much. And they’ll (is it the right pronoun? “They” are now “Her/Him/It”) keep on with those experiments, removing philosophical chestnuts from the burning fire, seeing the color red through each other’s eyes, seeing everything through each other’s minds. At a certain point they will share their pain, their sexual pleasure, which is a form of pain (imagine that, a woman experiencing the power of ejaculation, those immense contractions, the emptiness that comes next; imagine a man experiencing the pleasure of vaginal penetration, the tension before, the touch, the relaxation, the submission, that heavenly feeling when he gently makes his way into your being, that thing that made me so whole, and later hurt me so much as I gave it the wrong meaning. And yet, as intriguing as it sounds, to me all this is but a temptation mechanism that we might still going to need, in order to achieve the next step, where two, and later on three, four, ten-thousand, become one in consciousness. This is, as far as I can see, the next step of human evolution. I can feel the thrill, atomic, big-banged, if I must turn to sexual references, and as you may very well see, I must.

At first, it might be frightening, this sensations of dissolving into somebody else’s mind. It does sound horrifying. But once they have conquered their fear, gradually familiarizing themselves with it, the two may begin to engage with the real thrill: expanding. Using each other powers of computation, so they, It, can explore and attain a greater understanding of reality, of the mind, of existence, of nature and of God. It is no longer about picking into someone’s dreams, fears, perversions, or fallacies. It’s about creating. It is quite possible that in the beginning they will go in and out of that unique experience, but eventually they grow to spend more and more time in that unified field of consciousness, and by doing so exploring time itself. And then, here and there, another couple will form, another triplet, quadruplet and so on and so forth, while each cluster of minds experiments and explores both its newself and the surroundings, and before long clusters will connect to form communities of living, vibrating minds, learning each other’s secrets, combining their neurons to experience more, experiment more, become one massive brain that explores itself and the universe in yet unimaginable ways. [As I write this down, I notice the strong external factor, English has given these words: ex – periment, perience, plore, and in my mind, my small separated mind, I turn them inwards: im – periment, perience, plore].

The human being, having changed skin and spots, may no longer be called a human. With great sorrow and grief, we will wave goodbye to that lovely, charming, sickening to the stomach, horrible, beautiful, loving, laughing, crying, dumb, thick, unbelievably genius creature, and make way to the new being, the wondrous unified mind, that would become into being based on our little, separate brains, those we all know and love.

55) [Remark: Some thoughts that I have, which are not a crucial part of the vision, but I still like to write them down. For me.

This new brain may, in a sense, turn the entire earth to its own body. Why in a sense? because it is not a biological body. No birth in the way we are born, and no death in the way we all die, rather a bulk of matter upon which every action takes place, which is also a good description of the current situation. So what is the difference? Control. This new unified brain will learn to manipulate some of earth’s physical traits. For example, It may learn how to speed up or to slow down the earth’s rotation around its own axis, or around the sun; to change the angle of the axis’ tilt; to perform minor changes in our distance from the sun: a bit closer, a bit farther, as the energy balance requires. It is a necessity. The sun’s lifespan is limited. At a certain point in the very far future, we, or to be more precise – what we are about to become – will have to leave it. It is of a certainty that the sun will blow up and swallow the inner planets. The ones that won’t be swallowed will burn in the celestial fire. The earthlings of that time (which are really but one giant earthling), will have to find a way to survive, meaning, will have to leave orbit. After eons of constant survey, the earthly mind picks a trajectory, and gently detaches itself from orbit, taking a tangential path into space, waving goodbye to the sun and to our eight siblings (or seven and one) at eighteen miles per second, shedding a cosmic tear. I love to think that It takes the moon for the ride, because I really love it. I guess that It won’t, for there is no good reason to do that, energetically speaking. I do not know. Maybe It’ll do it differently, maybe, after obtaining full energetic sustainability on earth, It’ll send probes to the moon, consciousness-carrying probes, and those will have settled the moon, starting to create a second super-brain, while creating a self-sustaining environment, using solar cells, as well as the moon’s core, to generate energy. If successful, those two brains will have shared a lot of information, and when due, take different paths into the universe, doubling the exploration rate. So first the lunar brain will have detached itself from orbit around earth, and will have gone to wherever it may have decided, and only then, will the moonless earth have left the solar system.

[as I’m writing this, I can feel my eyes getting all teary, it touches me deep, this childish portrayal of things to come, this leaving home scene on a cosmic scale. This is me being futuristically-nostalgic about things that might not happen at all, so I have to laugh.

[I am also afraid. I’m afraid you won’t like it. I’m afraid you’ll belittle me, come up with my past, who does she think she is, what is this nonsense. It may very well be your reaction, but I hope that it is not. I hope that by now you feel that you have gotten to know me, that you can overcome the tendency to judge, ridicule, mock. This is exactly what I do when I meditate. I see my past self in all those terrible situations, and I do not judge. It silences all thoughts, the constant movement of the mind comes to a halt, bliss materializes within you, and everything falls into place. So I hope, and I hope once more.]] Remark end.]

[I counted all the brackets. They add up.]

56) So we have reached to a point where It has become a self-sustaining system, It has total control of the physical realm, and scarcity is a thing of the past. There is no need to search for resources, for everything necessary is always at arm’s length, so to speak. What now? What does It do? Well, for one, It meditates. Imagine a planet-size brain, constantly pondering reality. No days nor nights (actually time, as we know it, has long ceased to exist), no sleep required, there is no need to feed, and all we are left with, is consciousness. Not pure yet, as it is carried upon planets, but very advanced, very wise, patient, silent. It is alive, and It is expanding, sending probes and equipment to other planets, forming new terra-brains, and in turn, the newborn brains start their own journeys in space, reproducing themselves as needed.

Soon enough, or rather in no-time, the universe is filled with consciousness.

57) If we have spoken beforehand about a critical brain-mass, that forever changes the human race, we are now talking about critical mass of consciousness, or critical mass of intelligence. At a certain point, when a mass of that sort accumulates enough, It’ll start a process which will, as far as I can see (it is the farthest I have ever seen), fill the entire universe with consciousness.

58) In article 24 we have written that we rest upon an ancient wisdom, that far precedes our own. This ancient wisdom teaches us that at a certain moment, the sacred instant that came before all future moments, the one eternal-universal intelligence had evacuated Itself from a single spot, making room to void or emptiness, thus forming a vacant space. Only a trace of this Omni-intelligence had been left in that newly formed space, which had grown to be our entire universe. Those traces of intelligence were left there for guidance, what we humans came to perceive as the laws of nature. Our own existence reveals that within that space, an unnatural, irrational-yet-conscious creature had been created, formed or evolved (remove the annoyance according to your own inclination), and that the Eternal has left us here to grow into our own contradictions. The initial contradiction is, therefore, that mankind is a creation who had risen from within the natural, and had far far exceeded it. Taking a look at article 7, we now understand the meaning of the Sabbath, and what makes it sacred. For “the natural” means movement, and exceeding the natural means rest. Nothing in nature rests. Nothing. But the human consciousness can take a break from all movement, and while doing so, time collapses, the sun stands still upon Gibeon, and the moon stays over Ayalon.

This article is dedicated to my beloved friends, Nat A. and Eylee B. Had they known, they would have probably wondered why.

59) Let us sum up: Only intelligence is present, and there is no room for anything else. This intelligence then evacuates itself from within, allowing the existence of something else. This is what we call creation. The creation is slowly filled with time, space, matter, life, consciousness and the interactions between them. Consciousness is what we call man (the species of mankind, not the gender-related meaning). Man gradually finds his own place in the world, and very slowly starts to fill the universe with more and more intelligence, the same one that had contracted itself so long ago. By adding more and more of it, man evolves from a separate being into this new, united, connected being, not humanly anymore (nevertheless, its origins are rooted in the consciousness of humanity). So we can portray mankind as the quality that restores the ever-eternal intelligence, completes It, for in Its grace, It had shattered Itself into billions upon billions of particles, and patiently It has been waiting for us to reconstruct It. Doing so, we become somewhat godly. If we imagine many iterations of this process, we’ll receive something that resembles breathing: the evacuation of intelligence may be thought of as exhale, and the restoration – inhale. As this process takes place, Life is happening, for better or worse. The breath of God turns into life, as we find in the beginning: And God breathed into him the warm breath of life and man became a living soul.

and in the end of Psalms we find: Let every breath praise the Lord. Halleluiah. (Translations are of our own.)

Life is a primary force which is braided within the original fabric of the universe. It is not to be destroyed, as much as the force of gravity is beyond destruction. Life is always.

Life will continue to thrive and flourish, while we will fade away and die. This is the right order of things. To my understanding, this is the meaning of Life. I’ll share it with you: Life’s meaning is to keep going on, preserve itself, prevail. I do not know what is the meaning of your own life, this is for you to figure out. As for myself, my life doesn’t mean anything. I am not important at all, and were I to die at this very moment, only about three people would take notice. But as a member of Life as a whole, I do matter, for indeed I am one of many, and we all do whatever we can to keep it up, and while doing so, we obey those two amazing words of God: Choose Life. We are the soil upon which all generations to come will grow, we are the air and the water, we are the dirt, the hoe and the plow. We are the gardener.

We should do our part with love and care, and we should be happy and grateful, for we are an important link in the ever-lasting chain of Life, that keeps going on and on, and an end is not to be seen.

60) And this is the vision for distant, distant days.

I have become. Years of pondering and meditating have grown into a near-complete silence, and at a certain moment we heard it, the sound of creation, and it was good. This is exactly what I am saying: the sound of the Universe is good. If you hear bad, and you probably do, it’s because you listen to yourself, not to the Universe. The whole is nothing but good. The partial is the domain of the evil.

I will write no more.

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